How it Works

1. Consult with our nutrionist

Pick your preferences, tell us what you like to eat and your dietary need. Vegetarian? Gluten Free? No problem.

2. Get a bag

We have recipe bags, the recipes come from our top chef, you can cook organic meals from scratch without the fuss or grab our farm bags, they all feature fresh, organically grown food with a local focus. And you can fully customize any bag for free.

3. Our farmers market

We've scoured all of Indonesia for the best selection of local, organically made items. Find the one that suits you well.

4. We’ll deliver to your door

Bye-bye traffic! We’ll deliver your organic and fresh ingredients to your home; packed with 100% bio-degradable bag made from cassava starch, dissolves in hot water and will be back to nature in 180 days.

Join Ur-Farm Today!

Eat healthy and locally organic grown products with certification
Lower prices (Results from direct access to farms) "Save up to 150% off retail"
Save up to 2 hours per week of grocery of shopping
No wasted of food & You are contributed to decrease zero hunger
Enjoy delicious recipes from our top chef
Eating local means better taste and supporting family farmers: We cut 0% profit from them
Your satisfaction is guaranteed

Browse Our Bags !

Fresh Meal Bags and Recipe Kit Bags feature local and organic ingredients that cater to a variety of diets and change each week.

Get Cooking

Produce bags feature farm fresh selection of organically grown veggies, fruits, meat, and diaries. Locally focused and fully customizable.

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Our Story

Ur-Farm is a social business. We are “An Online market for Organic Indonesian Crops and Products”, from sourcing organic farms , to packing it into biodegradable bags. Our operations respect both people and planet. Ur-Farm product is straight from the farm to your table and it’s 100% local. By purchase through Ur-farm consumers contributed to achieve food security.

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